Analyzing research outcomes and spillovers

A new paper on “Analyzing research outcomes and spillovers at a US nanotechnology user facility” attempts to go beyond standard ways of reporting research contributions by publicly-sponsored research centers.

Written by Sergio Pelaez, Jan Youtie, and myself, and using publication data that is often readily available, we demonstrate how collaborations and spillover effects can be assessed. The case is a university research center offering user facilities for nanotechnology research.

We find that the research center’s network relies on external organizations acting as brokers to provide access to the facilities to other external organizations. Collaboration among internal and external organizations is enhanced by the facilities, while articles written by a mix of co-authors affiliated with internal and external organizations are likely to be more cited.

These results provide insights on how university research centers with user facilities can create conditions for diverse collaborations and greater research impacts.

The full citation is: Sergio Pelaez, Jan Youtie, and Philip Shapira. Analyzing research outcomes and spillovers at a US nanotechnology user facility. Journal of Nanoparticle Research 24, 243 (2022).

Open access (free download) is available at