The Journey Begins

Atlanta, September 19, 2018. 

I’m starting out on a 5-week North American journey to explore disruptive innovation, inclusion, and responsibility. I’ll be using this blog, along with tweets, to track and report on my progress, events along the way, and other things that catch my eye.

The University of Manchester has provided support for this journey through its Investing in Success program. There’s also support from the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and the Manchester Synthetic Biology Research Center for Fine and Speciality Chemicals (SYNBIOCHEM).

It’s Wednesday, September 19, 2018, and I’m just getting ready to depart for the first major stop, to Montreal in Canada: the kickoff of 4POINT0 … the Partnership for the Organisation of Innovation and New Technologies.

Source: 4POINT0

Led by Catherine Beaudry of the École Polytechnique de Montréal, this is a collaboration of professors and researchers from Canadian and international universities, including the University of Manchester and Georgia Institute of Technology, working with companies, policy analysts and others. 4POINT0 is probing the development and impacts of varieties of innovation ecosystems at different points of their life cycle. A key aim – to better understand the processes whereby new technologies can contribute to more sustainable innovation ecosystems. More soon ….